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(no subject)

June 20th, 2006 (10:18 pm)

Your 1920's Name is:

Celestine Belle

Your 1920's Name is:

Orvil Kirby

Exotic Dancer Name Is...


Hm. Disbelievers Beware....

June 7th, 2006 (09:13 am)


Lioness in zoo kills man who invoked God
Mon Jun 5, 2006 08:31 AM ET

KIEV (Reuters) - A man shouting that God would keep him safe was mauled to death by a lioness in Kiev zoo after he crept into the animal's enclosure, a zoo official said on Monday.

"The man shouted 'God will save me, if he exists', lowered himself by a rope into the enclosure, took his shoes off and went up to the lions," the official said.

"A lioness went straight for him, knocked him down and severed his carotid artery."

The incident, Sunday evening when the zoo was packed with visitors, was the first of its kind at the attraction. Lions and tigers are kept in an "animal island" protected by thick concrete blocks.

© Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved.

One last discussion...

May 30th, 2006 (09:20 am)

current mood: chipper
current song: Silent Lucidity- Queensryche

smartandhot2005: hey mora - good weekend?

Solitia: I worked, made some tips and helped paint the store. I'm currenty writing a story with my friend. The weekend has been good thus far.

smartandhot2005: good news - i finally recovered from debilitating virus, then woke up with swollen eyes and then today with a very sore ankle

Solitia: My prognosis? Less rough sex. *snerks*

smartandhot2005: my dream - more rough sex my reality - less rough sex - for now so no cam today?

Solitia: I haven't ever had a cam

smartandhot2005: oh - perhaps i msinterpreted an icon that isaw against your name the last couple of times i logged on it looked like a cam to me no matter - i was merely intrigued to see your latest style nothing sinister or typically online

Solitia: I have a little chibi redhead in my icon. That was probably what you saw. My latest style?

smartandhot2005: no not your icon - it was to the far right on the buddy liast i wonder iof you change hair and dress style

Solitia: My hairstyle is different now from what it was in the pic on Hot or Not but it's the same colour, just a different cut As for my style of dress... I don't always go around in those sleevies. *laughs* I'm slumming today. I have work to get done.

smartandhot2005: but i love those sleevies and the corsets and and and cant imagine you slumming youre so precise but i'll let you get on with it

Solitia: I wasn't wearing a corset. I don't own one although I'd like to

smartandhot2005: in my mind you were lmao you mean there's no corset town in town?

Solitia: No. I was wearing a tee shirt. *snorts*

smartandhot2005: i was being ironic

Solitia: Yes, and I caught that. I'm not obtuse, you know

smartandhot2005: I realise that

Solitia: *smirks* You take me too seriously sometimes. *grins*

smartandhot2005: i find you completely superficial actually lol

Solitia: And I find you a pretentious asshole so I guess we're even

smartandhot2005: pretentious moi? naturellement

Solitia: And your assessment that I am completely superficial is only a claim made based off of an internet discussion we had one time. If you knew me you wouldn't say as such. However, it does comfort me in the fact that one such as yourself shall never know a beautiful being. Have a good life. May you find your match and equal in all things


I then blocked him. Bye bye, asshole. No more for you, fucker. *snerks*

(no subject)

May 21st, 2006 (05:16 am)

Have been up since 8pm on Friday with only a two hour nap.

Went to do the gala with Mystie. Forgot my ticket and had to lie and say I never got one. *snerks*

As I was coming home tonight, I stopped at the gas station for snacks and a drink and gas. Got out, pumped my gas, went in to pay and this drunk guy asked "Hey, can you help me?"

As I was walking and not stopping, I said, "I don't know...." ANd he's all mumbling and shit.

He asked where Orange Road was. I told him I wasn't from the area. Then he got up in front of me and was hassling me. I went in the store, grabbed some stuff, told the clerk he was harrassing me and she said she would call the cops. I went to go out to my car and as I was going out, the guy grabbed me. I drew back and cocked him one in the nose with the heel of my hand, picked up my soda, got in my car and drove away.

He was bleeding when I left.

Fucker made me shake up my Vault, damn him.

Other than that, rather uneventful. *grins* I shall be doing the gala again next year. *purrs*

(no subject)

May 17th, 2006 (10:19 pm)

I get pissed off when people want me to drop everything I'm doing to hang out with them. Is that wrong of me. A guy I have met at various events called me Monday. He wanted to hang out sometime. I said it was okay as long as I could work it into what I had to get done and to give me a call. He called, didn't get me. Didn't leave a message, emailed me today and said "It's 6:15 and I couldn't get you".

He then IMed ladybiggs and asked HER to get ahold of me.

Thankfully she told him to bug off and she would tell me when she saw me.

I got up yesterday at 2 pm. I ran until I had to work at 5 this morning. I worked until 8 am. I came home after work and slept from 10 am to 6 pm today and then I got up. I didn't get out of bed until 7 because of muscle and tissue and joint pain. I took ibuprophen and so I feel better now... but still.

From there I had to go to the store and get groceries. No one told me this until today when I got up. I had planned to fix the toilet today. However, I didn't feel up to it. I am cranky and don't want to be around my own family, let alone outside people and people I barely know. I have to work my son through schoolwork tonight that he has to get finished before the end of the school year and his end of year review that he HAS to pass or he doesn't go on to the first grade.

Why can't people understand when I tell them no that I mean no? Why do they have to incessantly bug me?

I have a woman who wants to put up a display in the store. I called her and told her to call me. Fine and good. She has called me three times today, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and then again while I was grocery shopping this evening. Jesus, woman... Just call ONCE, tell me when you are available and at what number and wait for me to call you. I DO have a life, you know. Then she calls me and tells me that SHE will meet with ME on Friday morning and I should call her at "insert her number here repeated four times" to confirm.

Um, first of all... I will be working the bar on Friday. I can't get away from the counter until after someone comes in at either 7:30 or 8 and we usually get busy at that time. I am not sure I am going to be able to look over her work before she posts it. I want to talk to her first. *sighs*

WHY are people so goddamned PUSHY?? Fuck.

*returns to her writing and artwork to keep from killing something or someone*


meek2038 (11:50:12 PM): so you had a busy day?
Solitia (11:52:37 PM): Not busy, really. Just the normal. It's more the body pain and the incessant nagging at me by not only my grandmother but the people who want to put art up at the coffeehouse. I have this one woman who has called me FOUR TIMES today. I was at work the first time she called, the second I was sleeping, the third I was sleeping and the fourth I was out getting groceries.
meek2038 (11:54:59 PM): amazing, someone was able to call you?

Okay, SO not the good thing to say to me. I HATE being pressured into ANYTHING. Fucker.

(no subject)

May 15th, 2006 (01:04 am)

I SO had to share this with you all. Have a nice day.


Now-- Am I Overreacting??

May 13th, 2006 (10:06 pm)

current mood: irritated

smartandhot2005 (7:58:43 PM): you are clearly my density

Solitia (7:59:12 PM): I am your density? I've been called someone's "destiny" before, but never their "density". *grins*

smartandhot2005 (7:59:28 PM): well you have depth and mass so it seemed appropriate

Solitia (8:04:52 PM): Ah, and also a double meaning because, by that definition, everyone is dense. *laughs*

smartandhot2005 (8:05:46 PM): if only you knew the movie it came from you'd know how apposite that riposte was - and yes i enjoy innuendo which itself is perhaps double in meaning ;O)

Solitia (8:10:05 PM): I don't know what movie it's from. I am not a big movie person... or television person

smartandhot2005 (8:20:49 PM): back to the future

Solitia (8:20:58 PM): I haven't seen that movie in YEARS

smartandhot2005 (8:22:03 PM): so how is findlay today

Solitia (8:22:32 PM): Rainy

smartandhot2005 (8:22:58 PM): in summer

Solitia (8:23:55 PM): And it's only 40 degrees outside. IN MAY. *dies* Normally it's in the high 70s

smartandhot2005 (8:24:32 PM): that s hideous no tannning for you lmao

Solitia (8:27:14 PM): I never tan. I personally find tanned skin appalling.

smartandhot2005 (8:27:20 PM): i was teasing mora

Solitia (8:28:03 PM): I am not a cow. *smirks* People are always saying how stupid cows are but the motherfuckers don't lay around in the sun and make leather out of themselves. *snorts*

smartandhot2005 (8:29:17 PM): exactly. women smoking and tanning to make themselves thinner and browner and thus more attractive - to a prune perhaps

Solitia (8:35:13 PM): I've never understood it. Granted, though, I do smoke occasionally

smartandhot2005 (8:35:35 PM): do you smoke after sex or have you not looked ?

Solitia (8:41:07 PM): If I am smoking after sex we're doing it WAY too fast

smartandhot2005 (8:41:51 PM): agreed - slow and insistent is the way to go

Solitia (8:42:47 PM): Insistent?

smartandhot2005 (8:43:46 PM): persistent might be a better word

Solitia (8:44:10 PM): Insistent or persistent-- either one implies force to me.

smartandhot2005 (8:44:36 PM): not intended - insistent might - thats why i changed it

Solitia (8:45:24 PM): As I said, my perception of either word is that of implied force. That's just my inferrence, however.

smartandhot2005 (8:45:31 PM): fair enough. im not into force

Solitia (8:46:30 PM): *nods* Firm, yes. Force, no. Which I believe is where you were going

smartandhot2005 (8:46:42 PM): firm and consistnet rhythm. you know me so wel

Solitia (8:48:56 PM): I am not talking about sex. I am talking abou seduction. Sex is overrated

smartandhot2005 (8:49:39 PM): really? thats an interesting statement - i would love you to expand on that. why is sex overrated?

Solitia (8:53:13 PM): Because sex is only the stimulation of the sex organs. A few minutes, you orgasm, it's done. The best part of sex is the warm fuzzy afterward. For me, the seduction is what it's all about... the touch, the mental stimuatlion, the finding things about one another... Sex is quick and done. *shrugs* And if it takes too long of someone fucking around for me to cum, I get pissed, kick them off, use my toys and move on

smartandhot2005 (8:55:16 PM): lol - well in that scenario id use your toys on you - and while ia gree fully
about the seduction and the getting to know someone (the true intimacy) - what if you were brought near to orgasm repeatedly for a prolonged time? wouldnt that make sex more appealing

Solitia (8:57:27 PM): No, that would piss me off.

smartandhot2005 (8:57:27 PM): cannot the lead up to orgasm be an extension odf that intimacy'

Solitia (8:57:43 PM): When I want to cum, I want to cum. I don't wanna fuck around with it, I just want it.

smartandhot2005 (8:57:51 PM): really - so you just wnat to fuck come and cuddle

Solitia (8:57:59 PM): The touch and kiss and play can be intimate without the leading up to orgasm part.

smartandhot2005 (8:58:07 PM): true

Solitia (8:58:16 PM): Actually, I really want nothing to do with the fuck part. I can make myself cum and do it better than anyone else can.

smartandhot2005 (8:58:29 PM): i sensed that

Solitia (8:58:49 PM): I would rather have the mental stimulation and intimacy

smartandhot2005 (8:59:53 PM): i agree - but im intrigued by the way you compartmentalise it - would teaching a man to make you cum that well be surrendering somethign of yourself or am i heading into quack psychology

Solitia (9:01:08 PM): The thing is... I find very few anyones, male or female, who are worthy to touch me in a sexual manner. From there, teaching them isn't a problem. However, the very idea that someone think they should be worthy of being that close to my body in such a way is an insult.

smartandhot2005 (9:01:51 PM): why?

Solitia (9:02:31 PM): Too many people today are more about fucking and not enough about knowing themselves. If they would stop foocusing on fucking me and pay more attention to their mind and the way it works, we might be able to make a connection. I can't fuck anyone I don't find intellectually stimulating

smartandhot2005 (9:02:49 PM): i agree entirely

Solitia (9:02:52 PM): I guess if I had one kink, it would be intellectual stimulation

smartandhot2005 (9:02:57 PM): the brian is the sexiest aort of anyone well you hit the jackpot with me mora
re intellectual stimulation you said you despise guys who brag about sexual prowess - you'll get none of that from me - except in play - but i dont undersetimate my intellect one iota. i am very very smart tho of course prone to moments of insane dumbness

Solitia (9:12:34 PM): Not everyone can be "on" all the time. As long as you don't confuse ignorance and stupidity, we're alright

smartandhot2005 (9:12:59 PM): i'm very quick witted and no i dont make thatmistake. is sheer intellect stimulating or does it have to be focussed in a certain way to turn you on?

Solitia (9:19:50 PM): That's a loaded question, really

smartandhot2005 (9:20:00 PM): how so?

Solitia (9:20:33 PM): If one tries too hard to be "smart", it bothers me. One can be intelligent without treating everyone else as though they are stupid. That has been a problem with me in the past.

smartandhot2005 (9:21:19 PM): i hope im not condescending

Solitia (9:21:25 PM): Not thus far.

smartandhot2005 (9:21:25 PM): i cant suffer fools at all

Solitia (9:21:29 PM): Nor can I

smartandhot2005 (9:21:42 PM): but i dont equate book learning with the only source of intellugence

Solitia (9:22:05 PM): Neither do I Just as philosophy is not about quoting those who have gone before.

smartandhot2005 (9:22:26 PM): i try to encourage intelligenc ein ppl but i hateintelelctual laziness, bigotry and dogma

Solitia (9:23:00 PM): *nods* I agree

smartandhot2005 (9:23:50 PM): i think youd enjoy jousting with em and then of course youd want to ravage me lol

Solitia (9:24:33 PM): To be quite honest, I never want to "ravage" anyone.

smartandhot2005 (9:24:40 PM): always a first time lol

Solitia (9:24:46 PM): Most likely not.

smartandhot2005 (9:24:59 PM): its very frustrating that you dont do phone cos im clearly too disatnt to be face to face with you

Solitia (9:25:17 PM): To ravage a person is to be impetuous with one's sexual advances. you ahve my permission lol

Solitia (9:25:36 PM): I don't have time or the inclination to leave my house.

smartandhot2005 (9:25:47 PM): inclination mor elike

Solitia (9:26:32 PM): Then let me rephrase that. To ravage a person is to be impetious with one's own sexual advances. I am rarely impetuous or do anything without careful contemplation.

smartandhot2005 (9:26:48 PM): theres an element of you that is confounding and personally i find actual cnversation the best way to break thru that

Solitia (9:26:59 PM): To take time out of my writing schedule to have a potentially irritating discussion with someone is not advantageous to me.

Solitia (9:27:12 PM): What element do you find confounding?

smartandhot2005 (9:27:13 PM): thats pretentious bs

Solitia (9:27:29 PM): Then I shall be labeled pretentious

smartandhot2005 (9:27:34 PM): but your prerogative

Solitia (9:27:36 PM): It's how I feel.

smartandhot2005 (9:27:38 PM): lol

Solitia (9:27:51 PM): Quite honestly, I don't WANT to meet with people, *shrugs*

smartandhot2005 (9:27:58 PM): thats what confounds

Solitia (9:28:01 PM): I find them a waste of time unless they serve a functio to me. Why does that confuse you?

smartandhot2005 (9:28:18 PM): i wonder about its origins how much is timidity how much is affectation how much is somethign else

Solitia (9:29:01 PM): I can tell you that my timidity only applies when I want to hit on a girl or when I am around a new group of people I have not had time to assess.

smartandhot2005 (9:29:39 PM): id like to meet you in real life to better judge these asertions so many of your wordsa re open to different subjective interpratation im sure youre perfectly "normal" in real life

Solitia (9:30:14 PM): Everything else of my not wanting to meet people is that I just find people irritating. They are not interested in really getting to know someone... they are only waiting for their own chance to speak and I find that irritating. Plus they then feel they have the right to lay claim to my time and I hate that.

smartandhot2005 (9:30:21 PM): quiet perhaps but not totally asocial

Solitia (9:30:34 PM): Than you for not saying "antisocial" and for knowing the difference between the two

smartandhot2005 (9:30:42 PM): so much of what you say i agree with

smartandhot2005 (9:31:01 PM): but equally a lot of it raises my anti pretension hackles ill eb honest

Solitia (9:32:16 PM): I will be frank with you. The reason why I do not want to be around people is because they overwhelm me.

smartandhot2005 (9:32:26 PM): thats honest of you why is thatg?

Solitia (9:32:46 PM): As for why the overwhelm me... they think I'm a nifty toy and sometimes I just need to work things through in my head. I don't have time to do that when other people are around. I don't process things like other people do... Honestly, I display many traits of a high functioning Autistic.

smartandhot2005 (9:33:06 PM): a nifty toy in what way a conversation starter or a potential sextoy but have you been diagnosed?

Solitia (9:34:58 PM): And as for being diagnosed, no. I just said I display traits of a high functioning autistic.

smartandhot2005 (9:35:26 PM): i think youre a combination of smart, introverted in the true sense and unconfident despite the bravado

Solitia (9:36:03 PM): I am underconfident in some areas, yes. I am very confident in others. My writing I am surpremely confident in. Although having my ego stroked about it is excellent. *laughs* In social situations I am quiet and watch people.

smartandhot2005 (9:36:47 PM): thats fine

Solitia (9:37:07 PM): To be quite honest, my social phobia stems from childhood and my school peers.

smartandhot2005 (9:37:16 PM): ia ssumed as much the school misfit smart yet not the prom queen ive seen the movies and tho cliched they have an inner truth too smart to conform yet didnt esacape to big city college for whatever reason you find liberation in intelellectual pursuits and celebrating inwardly your difference hows that for guesswork

Solitia (9:43:07 PM): I was not a misfit. I fit with my friends. I just couldn't understand why I couldn't walk up and talk to the other kids and ask to play without them treating me like I was diseased. Therefore, I do not ask to join along and I do not just jump in with whatever they are doing due to learning I was not wanted. *shrugs*

smartandhot2005 (9:43:48 PM): did you intimidate - just look different or what?

Solitia (9:44:51 PM): I have come a long way from the person I used to be.

smartandhot2005 (9:45:19 PM): thats good - im glad you have a champion

Solitia (9:45:39 PM): I am my own champion

smartandhot2005 (9:45:55 PM): but we all need encouragement to attain that self awareness thats all i meant

Solitia (9:47:37 PM): I don't believe we need encouragement once we have begun on the road, though. I continue because I find interest in it, not because I have someone priding me on it. Another reason why I don't like people is because they try to "figure me out" and are often times wrong.

smartandhot2005 (9:48:17 PM): another word for that is showing interest in you

Solitia (9:48:34 PM): I like to figure myself out. When people tell me who and what they believe me to be, I get defensive.

smartandhot2005 (9:48:38 PM): if you are quite closed - people have to pry

Solitia (9:48:56 PM): They can ask me whatever they'd like and I offer forward the answers.

smartandhot2005 (9:48:57 PM): but dont think ive told you nce ive just offered potential hypotheses for your affirmation or destruction

Solitia (9:50:05 PM): Yes, but I don't understand why it is people seek to unravel me instead of simply accepting what I have molded myself to be.

smartandhot2005 (9:50:12 PM): this is why i like conversation youre a human being not an ornament anyon worth their salt would wnat to unpeel the layers that is the nature of friendship

Solitia (9:51:12 PM): A person is a summation of their parts and having those parts peeled away leaves one unwhole.

smartandhot2005 (9:51:25 PM): thats defensive bs

Solitia (9:52:47 PM): I don't see why it is a problem to keep one's self closed and take time to get to know someone. I don't understand why it is that someone must seek to open me to my core.

smartandhot2005 (9:53:06 PM): i think theres a middle path thats known as social intercourse

Solitia (9:53:07 PM): One would not open a rose before the rose itself has bloomed.

smartandhot2005 (9:53:20 PM): but you would sniff it

Solitia (9:53:45 PM): Yes, but sniffing is asking questions and sufficing answers, not pulling and tugging at the petals that are not yet ready to open.

smartandhot2005 (9:54:04 PM): youre telling me how to sniff now?

Solitia (9:54:24 PM): I am telling you that this rose has built a lot of thorns.

smartandhot2005 (9:54:37 PM): i understand that and i am sorry but i have big gloves and can handle thorns without suffering

Solitia (9:55:09 PM): But before I am ready to make the cut, it's not fair to me that you would force me to open up to things I am not ready to offer forth.

smartandhot2005 (9:55:19 PM): there is no force here

Solitia (9:55:33 PM): Ah. And so we go back to our original discourse.

smartandhot2005 (9:56:41 PM): yes - that is the weakness - I think speaking on phone allows each side to sense discomfort in the other, to respect that and to impute nuances and swiych tracks more quickly than in IM

Solitia (9:57:07 PM): IM allows me the time to collect my thoughts that live interactions do not. Therefore I am not as easily overwhelmed. Or I can step away if needs be without voicing it

smartandhot2005 (9:57:26 PM): you need to be strecthed a little by someone who respects the provisos you have just made but who wants to get you to open up somemore tho of course that would be your choice cos maybe you are high functioning autistic and thus very sensitive or maybe you are shy and nt autistic

Solitia (10:01:48 PM): The autism would be the way I process things. Too much action overwhelms me. I can't process all of the information coming into my brain and I overload. I have to have time to myself and take any kind of situation where there are people, even being in my livingroom with my family, in small doses. If people are too loud around me it overwhelms me *shrugs*

smartandhot2005 (10:02:46 PM): i understand what youre saying

Solitia (10:02:56 PM): And I do not believe I need to stretch any further than I deem is necessary and before I am ready to do it for myself.

smartandhot2005 (10:03:04 PM): of course im just impatient lol and pushy

Solitia (10:03:15 PM): Yes, I gathered that

smartandhot2005 (10:03:25 PM): hey i aint perfect

Solitia (10:03:31 PM): And you also believe, like others I have encountered, that you know what is best and right for me. Love, no one is perfect.

smartandhot2005 (10:03:46 PM): i am not being prescrriptive Im making sugestions and observations not telling you

Solitia (10:04:31 PM): You can't say, though, that you believe you have the right tools to "stretch" me. *smirks*

smartandhot2005 (10:05:03 PM): i am well equipped - better than most idiots - but anyway it is late - so i will bid you good night - ive enjoyed our conversation


What I want to know is if I am over reacting to this guy and his insistence at picking off the layers instead of taking his time to wait for the rose to bloom, he is pushing his finger right to the center, rooting around there until he gets bored and then wandering off to find someone else to "help enlighten".

I am quite capable of figuring myself out and when I can't I have found people whose opinions I trust. I am not impulsive. He seems pissed off that I won't give him my phone number over the internet when he found me on an online website. I don't even give my phone number to people I have met in real life after the first meeting! This guy is too busy trying to impress me with how well he knows me instead of being insightful.

I guess from now on I need to say I am not looking for intelligent people, I am looking for insightful and thoughtful people. Gah.

Today started out much of the not goodness...

May 5th, 2006 (07:57 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: sick
current song: Tony is watching basketball 0.0

I got up today to get ready for work. The mate blitzed on the time and woke me up 20 minutes AFTER I was supposed to be at work. I got out of bed, got dressed, went for the door and....

Felt the pull of being sucked into a cold wet blanket.

Yay fainting.

So when I woke up I was lying the opposite way I thought I should have been oriented on the bed and my body was completley numb. I couldnt' feel anything, couldn't speak, couldn't think... just lie there with a screaming loud shrill noise like when the television goes off air running rampant through my head until I completely regained consciousness.

Stop this ride, I wanna get off. Not good. At all.

I finally get my bearings and partial use of my limbs and figure out how to get to the door. Call for the other half. He comes into the room and asks what's wrong. I ask him to call my boss and tell her I won't be in today because I passed out.

He whines about not liking to use the phone and then can't find the numbers for the store. It's already nearly six in the morning and I'm freaking out on top of being only half coherent. He dials Christy's number after I find it right where I told him it was. She answers and I tell her I fainted and I won't be in.

She called me early afternoon and asked me if I was okay and if they needed to find someone to cover my shift.

I was still in bed until around 4 this afternoon. I slept. A lot.

When I got up I drank some water but it made me feel sick. My sister went to the store and bought me some Gatorade. I noticed when I got up that I had yellow lines under my fingernails. I'm dehydrated. Therefore the headache and the passing out. *sighs* Not to mention I am completely worn out tired for reasons I'm not going to discuss.

I just feel drug out. Hopefully after I get some electrolytes (or however they're spelled) into my system and make it so I can eat food and drink water without feeling ill again I will be alright.

I called and told Christy I wouldn't be coming in tomorrow either so I could take my time and rest when I needed to over the next couple of days and get some nutrients into my system. That's what I get for not eating regularly, not sleeping regularly and not drinking anything more than about 24 ounces of water in a week's time. *sighs* (Shut the fuck up, Tony. I don't wanna hear it.)

So I think I need to start paying attention to things a little more. I've been shoving everything else off to the side until I can get things settled with work and get into my new schedule and niche. Yes, part of everything is making sure the body has nutrients and I'm eating and drinking. *rolls eyes at self* I'm dumb sometimes. *sighs*

So now it's drinking things... lots of things... to get myself back to something resembling normal. And writing. Because I can do that without moving a lot.

On to other craptastic stuff... something in our bathroom has been leaking for a year. We have to replace the floor. Not a problem. I can do that this summer. Today I go into the bathroom and the toilet is leaking a pool onto the floor. Yay. Sick AND something in the house is blowing up. We found out it was leaking through the handle.

Gramma went to get the repair kit for the toilet. I so do NOT feel like doing it... but it needs done and I am the only one in the house who is capable of doing it. My mate is useless with his hands. (which is sometimes irritating but generally only when I'm sick and don't want to do it. *sighs*)

I need to get to feeling better first. Then I will be okay again. Then I can fix the toilet (which is really easy anyway) and I will have some writing done in the meantime. Yay writing! Squee!

Off to Word I go.


So after I write this, my mate brings in the toilet repair kit and says "So do we have a sponge?"

"Sponge? What do you need a sponge for?"

"It says to sponge the tank out."

*exasperated* "Give me a minute and I'll go do it."

"No, I... I wanna be helpful."

*does not miss the irony* *chuckles* "You aren't going to be able to do it. You'll call me in five minutes, 'honey, how do I do this?'."

"Well maybe but you don't feel up to doing it and..."

*sighs* *gets up out of the chair* *goes into the bathroom to fix the toilet*

Long side of the story now shortened by text instead of dialogue... we attempt to fix it. I have him fixing the external water supply tube to the toilet while I am tinkering inside. All the while he's making girly squeeky noises over me getting my hands dirty in the tank.

"Oh for fuck's sake! It's RUST, not fecal matter!"

"Yea, but it's YOUR hands and it's bothering me." *pauses* *thinks* "I'm so the girl."

"Yea. I'm the man in this relationship. You just carry my dick for me."

So we're working along... no problem.

"How do I get this nut off of here?"

"You hold onto the valve while you turn it."

"I am holding onto it while I turn it."

"You're holding what when you turn it?"

"The nut."

"You're holding the nut and turning the nut?"


"Well that's why it's not coming undone. I said to hold the valve while you turn the nut."

Enter the five minute long conversation we have about what the goddamned valve is. I have to physically PUT HIS HAND on the valve and then put the wrench on the nut for him to hold one and loosen the other.

"Hey, honey?"

*fighting back urge to kill* "What now?"

"Um." *points to a water leak issuing forth from the base of the valve.

My father has brought me a valve. We have drained the water tank and I will now proceed to replace the valve, the external supply tube, the innards of the toilet and the handle.

All this on top of me having a headache and being dehydrated. Yay.


Toilet is temp fixed until I can get the right valve that I need and the water saver parts that gramma didn't get last time. I am also going to get some caulk to fix the walls in the shower and once that's done and the floor has a chance to dry out, I am going to replace the bathroom floor... which we are going to have to take out the tub and my newly fixed toilet and replace the floor.

At least we have no leaks and a working toilet for tonight until I feel better.

Also talked to my dad about the renovations I had planned for my story. He said my timeline is right on and he seemed impressed that I had thought of all those things. I am much of the squeeness. As I told my mate. It's a good thing my daddy raised me to be a man. LOL

Hm. Most Indigos are young adults or children...

April 19th, 2006 (04:04 am)

Your Aura Colour is Indigo.

Indigos are truth-tellers. They are quiet, alert, spiritual, inquisitive, patient, determined, guiltless, stubborn and honest. They can be blunt.

Find out what colour your aura is.


April 18th, 2006 (05:20 am)

Oh no, ladybiggs! He's spreading!!

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