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An interesting night at work

April 14th, 2006 (10:39 pm)

I switched shifts tonight at work with one of the other girls. We are switching permanently as of today and I am taking her blue Friday 5-9 and she's taking my 1-5. Got to work with Abby who is awesome cool and stuff. Which was good. An old HS classmate came in tonight and actually recognised me. We chatted. She is an artist in Chicago and has a VERY interesting exhibit. Check it out: http://www.re-title.com/artists/Lacie-Garnes.asp She told me she was visiting another classmate of mine and I told her to keep in touch and tell him hi.

Then the stupid happened.

I was working and when I turned around, there was a bearded man staring in the barrista door. I walked over and was trying to talk to him. He asked if he had to go around to the other door and I said yes, that the door he was standing at was JUST for the people who worked there. He said "Oh, okay. This is a nice door."

Who the hell says that?? So I told Abby to lock the door. She told me I was overreacting.

The guys come in and order coffee. I get them for them. The bearded guy went to the bathroom and the younger kid got the coffee. When the bearded guy came out, they were giving me the weird, creepy incest vibe as the kid hung all over him. It took them an extremely long time to fill their coffee cups. I took another order and looked over at the bearded guy and smiled.


"Excuse me?"

"Flaming. I'm sorry, that's the only word I have for it."

"Uh, okay..."

He mumbled some other things and wandered out to the seating area.

The kid comes back just after that while I am making a drink and asks how much the artwork is. I found out from Abby and went out from the counter to tell him. They were sitting at tables beside the works they were looking at. I told them they had to contact the artist and showed them where her number was. The bearded man's cell phone rang and he said, "Hey, maybe that's her calling now."

"Speak of the devil," the younger stated. I went back behind the bar to help Abby with drinks. We made a couple of drinks and a customer came back.

"Did you know that a couple of guys just took paintings and walked out with them?"

"Are you SHITTING me??"

"No, they just walked out with them." The customer walked back out into the seating area. The customer I was getting an order for pointed out the window.

"That's one of them right there."

We got the plate number of the car. The customer who alerted us to the attempted theft brought in the paintings.

"Here. I took these away from them."

The guy went outside and TOOK the art away from the guys stealing it. LOL

So then we called everyone necessary. The police came. The girl didn't want to file a report since her art was recovered.

Stupid fuckers. Can't believe they did that.

So that was my crazy frigging night. LOL

Sitting down for an entry

April 4th, 2006 (07:35 pm)

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current song: Take Me- Papa Roach

I haven't really taken time to sit down and write out an entry since I got back from Anime Punch.

Anime Punch is FRIGGING AWESOME! We had a blast. I would have had more fun if I hadn't come down with a hardcore cold on Saturday and most of Sunday. I felt wretched and I ran out of cold medicine. *laughs* Fortunately Biggs kept up and was running on con time so it's all gravy. Or au juis. Or something. Anyway. Met some REALLY awesome people, was molested by Roxus, used as a pillow by Rufus, and got to run around with all sorts of geeks just like me. Crispin Freeman was completely awesome. He's someone I would love to pick the brain of for a few hours. He seems to really have some nifty ideas. When I can get some of his ideas down on e-paper I want to post them to the list and see what he has to say about it.

My only regret, outside of being sick, is not being more friendly. I tried to be friendly... just no one really talked to me. I felt like I was just dragging along on ladybiggs coat tails and I didn't wanna drag her down... so I stuck around to myself. Part of that was me being sick and the rest was me being stupid. *laughs* Of course I get stupid when I get sick so I blame it all on sick.

I had to take one of my cats back to the vet. They think she had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and so they have her on fluids. They've kept her two nights and I have to call again tomorrow to find out if she's okay and ready to come home.

The story I'm writing with ladybiggs is going remarkably well. We have fans. *grins* They're drawing us fanart and everything. *purrs* It feels like happy. We are still writing and the storyline is coming along beautifully. We're plotting something really, really sinister. *evil glee* I can't wait for it to all play out. *dances* We even started a website for the fic since Y!gallery has been being really, really evil. If anyone wants to go check it out, the web address is http://hostessfactory.empire-of-sin.com

I am plugging away at a couple of articles. One of them is taking a lot of forethought before writing. It's not so much that everything is difficult... it's more that everything is too simple and I have to really make sure I am explaining myself well. I might need some beta readers. It's non-fiction but I tend to write in fiction style instead of college dissertation. *laughs* I promise it won't be a complete bore as long as you are partially interested in the esoteric/occult fields or want to learn about them. Honestly I would like a couple of people who know what they're doing to read it... and then a couple of people who don't know much about it. That way I am sure I am covering all the bases.

My standard betas are being tapped. This is a warning. *grins*

I did catering today. It SUCKED. Catering only happens from 5-6:30 on Tuesdays. I have to be there at 4 to set up, I work from 5-6:30, then I clean up and get out at around 7:15. That happens every Tuesday. I work at Weinbrenner Seminary school. I find that amusing. A Pagan catering to the Christian school. *laughs* They offered me pizza and asked me to pray with them. The people there were really, really nice. One of the professors tild me I would make a good student there and asked what my major was. *grins* I told him I wanted to go to school for massage therapy because I wanted to help people and he said that was a very good field and told me where I might be able to get some help. Yay help!

So all in all, other than being bored stiff while catering (Thank GOD it's only an hour and a half!), things have been going along. Now off to do some writing that's plugging around in my head.

Productive days

March 29th, 2006 (06:06 pm)

current mood: accomplished
current song: Peek a Boo- Souxie and the Banshees

Yesterday was a productive day. Got up at around 3 (yes, in the afternoon. I didn't go to bed until around six in the morning before that.) Went to the bank to deposit some money. They don't have a change counter. SO I went to Meijer. Their coinstar was broken. I went to Kroger and used theirs. Took the money back to the bank. Bought a new mailbox since the electric people hit ours and broke it. I went to George House and checked over the schedule to see who could work. Got a list of numbers. Stopped by ladybiggs house and got a carrier for my cat. Took both of my cats to Upper to the clinic there to have them spayed. Got home and changed litter boxes. Put the mailbox together. Took it out to put it up but it was too dark. Went to ladybiggs house again and worked on my costume for the convention this weekend. Called it a night at around midnight and came back home. Ate. Went in to lie down and nurse a headache and wound up falling asleep around 2.

Got up today at around 10 am. Went to Wal Mart and picked up a few things we needed. Went to Big Lots and picked up a couple of things there. Came home. Edited two parts of the fic ladybiggs and I are working on. Posted three sections. Called about picking up my cats. They're ready after six. Made a mad rush to call EVERYONE who works at George House to get my schedule covered. I have one guy coming in an hour early. One girl is staying over a couple of hours so the other guy can come in late. He's covering my close. Squee! Saturday down. I am going to have to work Friday, but that's okay... we can leave right after I get off work at five. Took out the trash and burned it. Did a load of laundry. Unloaded the dishwasher. Gathered up dirty dishes. Cleaned the counters and stove top. Now I am off to get my kitties from the vet and bring them home. After that it's off to finish my costume at lj user="ladybiggs">.

Now I am off to get my kitties!


Kitties are back. Tweak is okay. Pequita is hiding in my bedroom and, most likely, peeing on my clothes and my bed and if she does I will take her straight back to the humane society. *grumbles*

I have balanced my checkbook and I am off to Biggsy's to work on my costume. *grins* Well, after I finish editing, that is. I have this section almost done. *purrs*

Note: MY SHIFTS ARE COVERED!!! SQUEE!!! Anime convention here I come!

::Further Edit::

I have a tarot gig scheduled with mystiedragonfly in May. It should be a lot of fun. *grins* Also, ladybiggs and I have my Reno costume finished down to redying the ponytail. *purrs* That's on my task list for tomorrow after work. Plus I have to take my son to my inlaws... So, yea. Run, run, run. *laughs*

Yesterday was great. Today was... odd

March 25th, 2006 (10:31 am)

current mood: tired
current song: Shanti/Ashtangi- Madonna

Thursday night I went to bed around 1:30 am. I got up at 4 so I could get ready for work. I got to work by 5 am to open. Yesterday while at work, I only screwed up two orders, one of which I corrected before it got out the door. I had everything open and ready to go by 6 am. I got my entire checklist done. Then after work I created a webpage for the fic ladybiggs and I are writing (along with any subsequent fanart that goes along with it) and it is updated with everything up through part 8. (We are editing part nine right now. It's my turn to edit and my eyes are bugging out of my head. More on that later.) I went a'running with ladybiggs and we worked on updating my Reno costume for Anime Punch (which I haven't figured out if I have the days off yet!). Then we had homemade pizza.

I went home at around 10. I got into bed by 11. I was up this morning at 4:30 to get ready for work. I made it there by 5 am.

Now, Friday night I only got about 3 hours of sleep. I ran for 18 hours. Last night I got 5 and a half. I'm wiped but I don't want to go to sleep. I probably should cause there's a lot of stuff I have to get done and I will work better after a nap. I also have to close tomorrow, so I should work my sleep schedule around. But it's just the PRINCIPLE of the thing... I have an entire DAY to work with and I'm too tired to do anything. *laughs*

I'll probably take a nap.

Back to the story.

Today went infinately less smooth than yesterday. When I got there, the whipped cream got left out and spoiled, there was none made. The dishes were just thrown on the counter. There were no baked goods for me to put out. I got the first batch of coffee brewed with no problem and most of the opening went smoothly.

Until I opened the store.

Once the store opened, I brewed the reserve coffees. I must have accidentally hit the one brew button twice and completely overflowed one of the pots. *DIES* I grabbed the pot of 185 degree coffee and hauled it across the floor to the sink, burning my fingers as the coffee poured out when I moved. I stuck an empty container under the brew basket and went to get the mop. I couldn't find it. Someone had left it OUTSIDE all night! So after rinsing that, I started cleaning up coffee. Got a customer. Took care of him.


He orders a caramel cappuccino.

I make his cappuccino. Screwed up foaming the milk. There WAS NO FOAM. *hangs self* (In case you're all wondering what the big deal is... It's a major barista no-no to NOT have foam on a cappuccino. It's slightly less of a no-no to not make milk art on top of an in-house cappuccino. :://end geek) Then I clean up my coffee disaster that is slowly spreading across the floor.

With that done I turn to my coffee pot that has leaked coffee all over the countertop and spread under the grinders. So I move the entire counter area around and clean it.

This is where my day gets better for an hour. I got the rest of my opening list done down to the pastries that weren't done baking and the sandwiches that weren't made because the baker didn't get there until ten minutes of six in the morning.

Enter 8 am. We get busy around that time. The other girl shows up. Bonus!

This is when I can fill whipped cream that has been out since LAST NIGHT. I had never made whipped cream before, so I had to wait for the girl to show up who could help me. I started screwing up drinks.

That was when I pulled myself to the back to work. Pinched my arm between baking pans and now have a quarter-sized red and purple bruise on my forearm.

Now I am home. Tired. Hungry. Don't care to do anything about the hungry. I'm off to take a nap. See you all in a few hours. *laughs*

Holy Shit!

March 16th, 2006 (10:04 pm)

The very VERY top of the list of things I did NOT want to hear today.

Hey, honey? How do I put out a fire?

I got up, out of the chair, slapped a lid on the fire. It didn't go out. So I doused it in Baking Soda.

The burner on the stove caught fire. Yay. Note my sarcasm.

I am glad I had all the coffee from my training today. *dies*

Due to outcry

March 14th, 2006 (02:53 pm)

Since I got so many messages asking me why I removed people from my Friend's list, I am putting everyone back on. I didn't realize it would upset so many people that I took them off my F-list. *boggles* I won't be checking LJ save in rare instances, so if there is something you all want me to see, please email or IM and link me to it. I don't have time to run through countless entries. I will set up a schedule with my friends lists and visit their journals to read up on what's been going on. I don't think anyone would have noticed had I not said anything. *sighs* That's what I get for trying to be honest about things. I keep forgetting that most people don't appreciate true honesty anymore. They take it all out of proportion.

Moving on.....

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three: Reno
Chapter Three: Rude

Links to my manporn stories thus far if you are interested. I think you will have to sign up for a Ygallery account in order to read them if you don't have an account there already. We will be posting more on Y-gallery after we get it written/edited/re-edited/re-read/submitted. Yea.

No offense

March 13th, 2006 (09:09 pm)

I have taken several people off of my friends list. Some of these people are those I am friends with, those whose lives I have followed through their LJs and so on.

Right now I have cut a lot of people so I can keep track of a select few right now. Please, please understand that this has nothing to do with anything other than constraints on my time and other various things I don't feel like getting into over LJ. If you are interested in coming back to my friend's list once I have things back under control, please keep me listed as a friend. If you are not listed as a friend yet and you want to be on my friend's list once I get back on track, please add me. I won't be offended, I swear.

Training at the coffeehouse goes well. The store manager is really nice although I think I might have stuck my foot in my mouth by saying something about tarot reading. >.< Tomorrow I get to learn how to make the espresso drinks. Yay Coffee! Today I got to taste all of the coffees they currently had made. *grins* Yay for having a LOT of coffee first thing in the morning!

The fanfiction goes on. If you have not yet read my fic and aren't afraid of mansex... It's on Y-gallery. *grins* Link may be forthcoming.

I got the job!

March 8th, 2006 (12:57 pm)

I didn't find out on Monday because the place was closed due to problems (according to Hillary, the girl I talked to). I ended up calling them on Tuesday afternoon and found out I start training on Thursday at 3:00. I GOT THE JOB!! *dances* It should be pretty cool. We will see what it's like actually, you know, working there... but I remain hopeful.

I got the first part of my story finished and sent off to corvisnocturnum. Granted it is going to need some severe editing, but the completely RAW data is in his inbox. *grins* I tried really hard to keep it in the word limits, being colossally bad at dipping over the lines.

Now that I have that finished I will work a bit on an article I have to write... and do some editing work with ladybiggs on our schtuff we've been writing. For those interested, it shall be posted on Y-gallery once it's done. However, we won't be posting it until we have it read and reviewed and all that junk. We take our fanfiction SERIOUSLY, especially after the craptastic stuff we've read recently. *dies* Some of it was just terrible and there's no way of fixing it short of having someone who knows something about... well... anything in the case of some of them. Some were much less like someone stitching a bullet wound. *boggles* (That's one of the good things about working with someone who has a history in surgery.)

So far writing has consumed my soul. Yay for writing and actually having inspiration!! Yeesh.

Turk Biggs rules. *laughs* Just wanted to get that out there.

Story Research

March 6th, 2006 (11:50 am)

Incubus, Succubus, Popo Bawa and CambionCollapse )
Fascinating what one can stumble upon when doing a bit of research.

An Update: and an Apology

March 5th, 2006 (08:11 pm)

I wanted to say I am sorry to those whom I have missed since I haven't been reading LJ. *sighs* It's been a crazy ride the last few weeks. Allow me to update you all as to what has been going on.

I have been a'musing with ladybiggs and doing artstuffs as well as co-writing some fiction and stuff. *grins*

I applied at George House. They called me in for an interview. They called me for a second interview. I find out Monday if I have the job. They seemed very interested in getting me in full time, which I find rather odd since it was for part time in the paper. They kept asking if I would be okay with working lots of hours. *boggles*

I have been writing. A lot. Fanfiction, fiction for work corvisnocturnum is putting together and Literotica stuff. Plus I've been working on an anthology article and some things for my book. (Yes, I AM still working on it! I swear!)

I have been playing on Gaia. Many of the threads there are pretty decent and I'm having fun with my guild and whatnot. It's a damned addicting little game. *grins* I have found some very interesting people to chat with there and have pimped out my friends and their work. If any of them turn out to be psychos, please forgive me. *laughs*

I have been working on my son's schoolwork. He's nearly 3/4 done with this year already! *DIES*

I have also been working myself insane. *laughs* I was running 29 hours on, 10 hours off for the last week. I think I am okay again. My sleep schedule has been working out for me.

Got to visit with jesterspace. It was nice seeing him again. I don't get out much anymore. *laughs* You never know what kinds of stupid things we're going to get into when we're there.

And, before you say it, not like that. *smirks*

Anyway- That's where I have been. I am sorry that I missed everyone and anything they might have needed from me. I've been in my head the last two weeks. I shall be picking through my friend's journals one at a time to see what's been up with them. Expect comments. *laughs*

Don't be strangers. Email me or IM me or something.

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